Some Centre Information:




Centre Menu:

 Our menu is seasonal & rotates on a 4 weekly cycle.

We welcome childrens favourite food ideas & suggestions from our families, drop into the kitchen, chat with Lea and share recipes with her.


*LOST PROPERTY - please make sure you check lost property box's located around the centre - This is a timely reminder: to - make sure you clearly label your child's clothing as it is almost impossible for our educators to keep track of individual property - especially our older children.


Gum Nut Garden 

 We are continuing to build up our garden beds around the centre and  plantings with the children. This has been quite successful so far with some herbs and snow peas growing well - the possums have been kind! If you have any herbs at home you would like your child to plant - please chat with your room leader - or ask what type of plants rooms are wanting to use.

Note there are many plants we cannot use - if not sure - we have a list in the office.