New or Prospective Families

Welcome to Gum Nut Preschool & Child Care.
This little document is here to help us get to know one another, to enable us to exchange information and learn from this exchange. The development of Gum Nutters depends largely on this communication.  At Gum Nut we call our babies Possums (6mth to 1.8years). Our 1.8 to 2.5 year olds are Wombats and our 2.5 to about 3 year olds Koalas, 3 to 4 years Magpies and our Funded Kinder group 4-5 year olds.
    Gum Nut Preschool & Childcare assessment rating: Meeting National Quality Standard in all 7 Quality Areas.



We would like to introduce you to some of our staff. 

Our Kindergarten is made up of a dynamic Early Childhood Team who collaborate to enrich the kinder experience for our children. Rose (Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies ( Honors), Zara ( Bachelor of Early Childhood Education) are our 4 -5 years kindergarten teachers, they have passion for children to have fun and explore their natural surroundings. They use natural materials and child focused approaches in the programming to stimulate and extend children's learning.

 Sheree & Jess are our amazing assistants who provide an exciting, fun and happy Kinder environment, Diploma in Children's Services


The Magpie teaching team is: Lucy & Marieke (Diploma in Children's Services) and Stephanie (completing Diploma in Childrens services)

This dynamic trio are  highly responsive to children's needs and developmental interests,  creating an adventurous journey over the 3 year old year. 


The Koala room team is: Michelle, Rasika, Kim & Angel (Diploma in Children's Services) and Zaide (Certificate 111 in Childrens Services). Together they provide an exciting and stimulating program, encouraging great learning and independence for our dynamic Koalas.


The Wombat room team is: Rose, Shereen, Hannah W ( Diploma in Children's Services), Nara & Zaide  ( Cert 111 in Children's Services)  together they provide a great learning and caring environment for the Wombats toddlers.


 Niaz, Anne-Marie, Hannah B ( Diploma in Children's Services) & Cara ( Cert 111 in Children's Services), are the gentle and dynamic team in our Possum room, together they provide a responsive and stimulating program for our babies.


The Centre Coordinator and nominated supervisor is Maxine (Advanced Diploma in Children's Services) with Tiffany fulfilling the role of second in charge, Tiffany has her (Diploma in Children's Services).

Our Preschool teachers work collaboratively as our Program & Planning Coordinator's.


The centre provides all  meals, prepared by our wonderful cooks Kate & Rosa.  Meals are varied, nutritional, interesting and yummy!!! we tempt children's taste buds with a variety of foods. Lea also individually tailors meals to suit any special dietary or medical needs.  Our weekly menu and the food used are displayed in rooms. Lea is always happy to receive ideas from our friends & families.  As a centre we endeavour  NOT use  food & or cleaning products that contain palm oil, until it can be guaranteed to be sustainably sourced. 


All staff currently hold a Level 2 First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training. Lea,  Max and Maxine hold a Food & Hygiene Safety qualification.  All staff  have a current Police and Working with Children check.  

All staff aid in maintaining a healthy, happy, loving, caring and trusting family feeling in the centre, where each child has a strong sense of independence and self worth.

Do not hesitate to seek advice, make suggestions, and inform our staff of your routine at home or to simply inquire as to your child's day-to-day activities at Gum Nut.  


You are encouraged to communicate with our co-ordinator and or senior educator members, regarding any problem you may have with the day-to-day workings of Gum Nut.