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"We believe a kinder program is reflective of the interests, challenges and ideas of the children it nurtures. It is a place where children and teachers co-construct learning, explore what intrigues them and build strong bonds that enhances our confidence as people. It is a program that encourages love for learning, acceptance of one another and respect for the great world we live in. This is the heartbeat of our kinder program".
We educate to develop awareness, respect and understanding of the beauty & wonder of our immediate environment and all that nature has created, we promote this respect and care for the environment in a fun and educational learning program.
 Our centre consists of 5 rooms, children range from 6 months to 5 years. Our qualified and experienced staff create a welcoming and friendly environment where children are encouraged to participate in programs tailored to their interests and development.
The programs are rich with colour, creativity and opportunities for self expression for children to build and discover more about who they are and the world they live in. Our service includes regular incursions and excursions as part of our learning program. 
Parent participation in centre life and programs is encouraged and warmly welcomed, it is important for our families to feel as much a part of the centre environment as the children and educators.
Our large garden and natural surrounds create an air of adventure and exploration for children. Each day is filled with wonder and discovery-stimulating children's curiosity to learn and grow.

At Gum Nut we call our babies Possums 6mth to 1.8 years, our 1.8 to 2.4 year olds Wombats and our 2.4 to about 3 year olds Koalas. The centre runs a 3-4 year old  program this group is called the Magpies.
Our service operates a government funded 4 year old kindergarten program. Acceptance into the program is from 4-5 years, with our 3 qualified teachers sharing programming. This group consists of children going to school the following year (Kinders 4 to 5 years government funded year) children are required to attend a minimum of 15 hours per week. This group is based in our new education room located on the first floor, it also has an outdoor garden- deck area, with wonderful views over our local area. The kinder program is child focused and incorporates a conservation learning program along with languages, recently these have been Mandarin & Italian. Our Funded kinder operates an off - site Explore & Learn program.